About MotoJug


How did MotoJug Come About?

So how did MotoJug come about. I’m a long distance and touring rider and one of my biggest complaints and concerns is how to stay hydrated while riding. Staying hydrated is so important while riding and is often overlooked. Some people ride and never drink besides when they stop which is a huge no, no. It can cause fatigue, dehydration and make you more susceptible to having an accident. When it comes to hydration while riding I’ve tried it all. Wearing a Backpack style hydration system, water bladder in the tank bag, cup holders on the handlebars with water bottles in them or water bottle cages on the crash bars etc. Long story short there is drawbacks to all of them.

Backpack style hydrations systems are probably the most common especially with the ADV Touring crowd but they have some serious drawbacks. One of the big ones is you end up carrying the weight on your shoulders. This can cause fatigue over time and is just not comfortable. They also do not allow air to flow underneath them due to being worn right against your back. They are not very convenient to fill and the bladders can be hard to clean. Also although some claim to be insulated they do not keep water as cold for as long as the MotoJug system.

Water bladders in the Tank bags have drawbacks also. One of the big reasons I don’t like them is because that’s where I keep all my important stuff and electronics. Also they do not hold very much water. Then they use the same type of bladder as a backpack style so you run into the same issues as you would when using the backpack style. Not as easy to fill up, or clean.

I often times ride my motorcycle to work from Utah to California and riding across the Mojave Desert in 110 degrees plus I can say that the MotoJug has literally been a lifesaver for me. It’s super easy to install on the bike and all you have to do to take it of the bike to fill it up is undo 2 buckles. Thats it. Takes 2 seconds and its ready to be refilled.

MotoJug Product Information

The MotoJug hydration system includes the following when you order:

MotoJug bag in either Black, Red or Grey

6ft of Hydration Tubing

Quick disconnect for Hydration Tubing

5ft. Hydration Tubing Cover

2 Mounting straps

Bite Valve

Retractable Lanyard to hold Hydration Tubing in place.

The MotoJug requires the use of a 1 Gallon Insulated Water Cooler like the one that I bought from WalMart for $9.00. They work incredibly well. Easy to refill and super easy to clean. The Jug itself is not included in the price. I have also found that just about any 1 gallon insulated cooler will work in the Motojug bag. Not just the Coleman brand. We don’t include the jug because it costs 3 times as much to ship it as it would for you to buy one on your own and they are readily available.