The MotoJug


 What comes with your MotoJug Hydration System

1.  MotoJug Bag

2.  5ft of Hydration tubing with cover

3. Hydration tubing quick disconnect

4. Bite valve for end of Hydration tubing

5.  Lanyard for hydration tubing

6.  2 3ft straps to secure your system to your bike.

7.  Clear contact paper pieces that you can put on your bike where the system might come into contact with your Bike and rub the paint.  Don’t have to I use it but one of my customers gave me the idea and he said it works well.  I personally don’t use it.

*****The 1 gallon Coleman Insulated Cooler is “NOT” included.  It’s available for purchase at Walmart for $7-9.*****

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